UNHINDERED is a two-year generosity journey that we started in October 2019. We will make this journey together so that we can resource and fulfill the vision that God has given us for Traverse.

Through UNHINDERED we will continue to do all the amazing ministry that we do now, but we will also now actively plan and resource for the future of Traverse. God is opening, and will continue to open, doors of opportunities for us and we need to be ready and equipped to be able to respond as they come. But for all of this to be a reality it will require that we each seek and depend on the Lord like never before. We will each need to examine what sacrifices we can make and bring those before the Lord for UNHINDERED. In order for us, as a ministry, to enter into what God has for us we must each be UNHINDERED!

To PROVIDE for God's work today & PURSUE God's plan for tomorrow


We need to continue to provide the high level of ministry locally and abroad over the next 12 months. In other words, the Provide bucket is our church budget for the next 12 months.

Our children and student ministries continue to grow, and our community continues to grow exponentially. With the continued growth of Traverse and Windsor, we need to add additional staff. We are looking at adding a full-time student pastor in 2021 to take this next step in teaching, training, and loving our middle school and high school students.

Meeting this goal will give us the funds we need to expand our current Small Group ministry (Crews), begin MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) and continue to fund both local and foreign missions that we love and are committed to. Provide gives us greater opportunities to reach our community for Jesus and build up the Traverse family!


Our vision has been to have a permanent location, giving us greater opportunities to bless our community, grow Traverse in its faith, and reach more people for Jesus.

With a building we can host MOPS, to reach and encourage mothers in our community. With a building we can partner with Serve 6.8 on greater level by using our building to help the needs in our community. Imagine a permanent location for our teens to have a safe place during the week to be equipped to enter into a lost world that desperately needs Jesus. We can use the worship space on Sundays to worship God and use the space during the week to bless our community.

The Pursue bucket allows us to begin setting aside resources that can be available to help us execute moves on buildings and/or property that comes available. Pursue will position us to eventually do things as a church that we have yet to do, but that God is calling us to do! It will allow for more: more ways for us to grow Traverse in depth and width, while reaching more souls in our community for the Kingdom of God.



Pray that God will work in the hearts of His people at Traverse and that we will listen with the intent to obey.


The primary goal of UNHINDERED is 100% participation. That begins with your decision that you’re going to listen to what God tells you to do and commit to following that. We also need your commitment to stand with us in support of UNHINDERED and lend your influence of others to do the same.


God is going to do some amazing things as we launch UNHINDERED. Our worship will be vibrant, the messages during this series are going to be compelling, and we’re going to hear some amazing stories of victories from many in our congregation. Let’s be poised and ready to celebrate in all of these in a big way.


Ultimately, each of us will turn in a Commitment Card indicating what we will give to UNHINDERED. What should your commitment look like? It should be something that is responsible and yet stretches you to take your faith to a whole new level in your giving and generosity.


To fill make a commitment to Unhindered, or to give to Unhindered you can click on the links below. Thank You!